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Three Years Anniversary Celebration!!

We Proud to share with you our three year anniversary celebration on August 7, 2021 at TangleWood Park


Our Three Years Anniversay Celebration!  

August 7, 2021

Thanks to all the families and clients who attended and participated in our event 

This year we had music, games, food, and more!

Ruffle and Prices!!

Staff at Valera Counseling Services 

Mrs. Tina and Mr. Speller our Clinician did an awesome job at the event assisting our client while they enjoying our celebration!

Thanks to my family for your support!

From the CEO: Thanks to all the families and clients who attended and participated in our event 

A afternoon of magic and laugh for the kids and families!!

Valera Counseling Services recognized those who work hard and help our organization to service our clients and community to have excellent quality of care. Therefor, each year we celebrate our anniversary we present several plaques and awards. This year we had thee teamwork wards, two Green Star Awards, one Gold Lifting hands Award Plaque, and One Diamond Award.  The winners of these of awards were for the teamwork Award went to Mr. Ricky Speller, Vanessa Unena Hernandez, and Laritza Ramirez Olivo.  The Green Star Award went to Mr. Shon Purcell and Juan Reynoso. The Gold Lifting Hands Award went to Mrs. Angela Arlington and the Diamond Award went to Mrs. Ana Rosa De Los Santos.  These are distinguished individuals who have made a significant difference to the growth of Valera Counseling Services. 

Special thanks from the CEO to the staff and volunteers this year celebration at the event this they did a great job!!

 Reflection from CEO:  For the last three years working to serve our community it has been a great experience. I have been working long days and hours forward a vision that once was just a dream. I gaze back in the scenery of my journey of   managing private practice, research, PhD studies, Leadership, family, and much more in the last three years which was a unique experience.

 I had the opportunity to work in the last three years with those who are most in need, those who are vulnerable, who are in need of direction, who are need of a helping hand, who are in need quality services, who are looking for a person centered environment which is  free of judgement, biases, and help them to fulfilled their independence.

 In addition, where clients can have a  place where is foster empowerment, and it is on the side of social justice and social change for those who don't have a voice or those in which society have in many cases have taking their right to have a voice. Valera Counseling Services welcomes people of all cultures, ethnic groups, gender and sexual orientation and does not allow any discrimination against anyone. 

Therefore, counselors, social workers, teachers, professionals, and leaders of our community are in the obligation to help those in the community who are going through unfortunate situation and to improve their quality of life so they can have a better tomorrow. 

Knowing that Life itself is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some happy, some exciting. However, if you never turn the next page you will never know what the next chapter will hold for you. The next page is now for us to turn. 

Sometime the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step if your life. Tip-toe if you must, but take the step but by all mean keep moving!

                                                                     Dr. Valera

Ribbon Cutting Celebration

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